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General Information
L/D configuration                    L(-)-2-Octanol
MW                                           130.23
Formula                                    C8H18O
Density                                     0.822
Boiling Point                            175℃
Flash Point                              71℃
Conversion Rate                     1.425-1.427
Water Solubility                       1g/L(20℃)
Control Index
Character                                 colorless transparent liquid with odd smell
Chemical Purity                       ≥99.5%(GC)
Specific Rotary Power           [-10.0]—[-9.0](254nm,20℃, neat)
Water Content                         ≤0.3%(Karlf ischer method)
Use Instruction
Building blocks for liquid crystals chiral compounds.
One simple chiral alcohol as one building block for synthetic organic chemistry, such as human medicine and agriculture chemistry.
Relative Information
Risk Statements                    R36/37/38
Safety Statements                  S26/S36
Hazard Codes                         Xi
H.S. Code                               29051620
Other:                                      More options with higher chemical purity and optical purity
Packing and Transportation
Aluminum bottle with plastic seals
Min. order with 15g
Air shipment according to Dangerous Goods Regulations. Ocean shipment and Land shipment approval.
Correspondent Product
[CAS 6169-06-8]

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